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Welding and Warrior Fabrication

I specialize in welding exotic metals and motorcycle fabrications. With over 10 years of fabricating parts for the Warrior. Each part is welded and fabricated by me as if they were my own. Safety is my main goal as well as looking bad ass! There is more to the constructional components than meets the eye. My parts are engineer reviewed and approved, and are meant to be ridden. 

I am the only RSWarrior.com approved vendor for these modifications. This is the world’s largest Warrior Forum. My Vendor Page can be found there with tons of pictures and reviews. For those needing to ask further questions or find out my current work schedule and turn around time- Please call me @ 775.351.8221 feel free to call Day Or Night- Kyle.

I have over 100 (November 2019) wide tire kits sold with zero failures; many of which are now 10 years old. Several have over 80k miles of street use. Unlike others, I do not build my parts for show only. I build them above and beyond, and they are meant to be ridden hard as well as win shows. Do your research on the forums or FaceBook/Instagram and you will see nobody has done more Warrior work. A quick search and you will find so many reviews, pictures of my customers builds, and feedback about my character that I can't share it all on this website. I've built/sold several hundred Hidden Caliper Brackets, KyleNV Custom Motor Mounts, and as of November 2019 more then 100 full wide tire kits. 
I have the only solid right side 280 swingarm, which is the only arm I would feel comfortable letting my friends and family ride. Arms that are simply cut and braced is not enough, and that is why I don't make a generic one-size-fits-all swingarm. All of my arms appear stock and add almost no weight which was a huge factor when designing them. The Warrior is such an amazing bike and the lightweight Aluminum Swingarm, Wheels and Frame are the biggest part of the design and what seperates our bikes from a standard "cruiser" and turns them into the ultimate Muscle Bike and the Beast we all Love and take pride in owning.

10 years ago, I brought wide tire kits to the market at an affordable price. I overbuilt my arms, tested them, and had an engineer review everything before selling my first part. At KyleNV, your order is treated as if it were my own personal order. Each part is built to the highest level of quality. Each customer is treated with the utmost respect, and I will personally work with you and your budget as
I know times are hard, and I do my best to make this happen as I do this for pride, not just to make a quick buck.


Only approved wide wheel conversion vendor on

New OEM Kit Pricing


240 Kit (bearings installed, ready to bolt on) powder coat finish  $1750

250/260 Kit (bearing installed,ready to bolt on) powder coat finish $1875

280 Kit (bearings installed, belt drive spacers included,ready to bolt on) powder coat finish $2000

Kits are the most popular item I sell. The reason is you will get a kit that is ready to install, no special tools, no special knowledge required. If you can Install a tire and know how/or can learn to bleed your brakes this is something that can be done at home in a couple hours, and if you need any help I provide my cell phone number and you can call anytime and I will walk you through it. Some random information, and my opinion on tire size choice: I AM UPDATING THIS AREA, PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON.

 For everyday hard core canyon riding I will always pick a 250 avon cobra and this is the kit I sell the most of. After switching to this tire I would never go back to stock as the looks are seductive and the handling is amazing, no more dragging frame and exhaust as you gain several degrees lean in and with the wide tire there is no fear of "hitting sand or washing out as the tire once warm is sticky and firmly planted with way more contact patch then a stock 200mm tire ever could offer". Just check out the in action photos- those are all wide tire customers and as you can see THEY GET LOW!!!  The 280 is also very capable of Canyons, two up riding and anything in between. The difference is you need to use some muscle and counter steering techniques to really get things cooking.  If you are new to that style of riding, trust me a few 20 minutes trips, get the tire  warm and broken in and you will pick it up in under a few hundred miles and be keeping up just like you were before. I can say for guys doing the 280  I have never had anyone say they wished they went smaller, honestly the opposite happens they call and beg me to finally release my 300mm tire kit to the world "so that should tell you somethig" they think the 280 will be hard to turn, take a ride and want bigger!!! Luckily the Warrior has great frame geometery, amazing brakes/suspension- this allows us to run such big tires and not suffer in the corners like dam near every  other bike made. If you are reading this you realize we all lucked out and fell in love with what I feel is still the best Muscle Bike Made to Date so we should all go and show some love to our bikes and Thank our Lucky Star....... That we are so fortunate to have crossed paths with such a wonderful machine that combines the best of a powerful V-Twin, High Tech Frame/Suspension, Stylish Body Work, and with a quick aftermarket exhaust swap some of the best sounds produced from a stock motor.   Ok- just wanted to give some views on questions I get daily, why "kits" are usually the best for the majority of my customers, and give a couple real world opinions on my products. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I'm sure my grammer is off so will go back over this later and see what I missed. Take Care, Ride Safe- Kyle ( KyleNV )


Don't want to wait for the exchange? Can't have any down time? RUSH FEE additional (please call for details)
*** If you want a wheel, swing arm, hidden caliper mount with no down time, this is going to add to the cost as this is usually an exchange service. As slow as things are for the Warrior, these are just the facts of doing these kits. Adding a rush fee will mean no waiting in line or BS like many of us have faced over the years, and 3 week waits turning into 10 weeks. It happens with wheels, chrome, custom paint, believe me I deal with it daily. Anyone who has ever had a custom motoycycle, car, gun, house, custom paint, etc knows how frustrating this can be. So again if you don't want to wait, that is understandable but you will be charged a rush fee like any other business unless you just get lucky and I have one ready and sitting on the shelf. These are not some mass produced products each item is built by me to the highest standards possible one kit at a time.***


These are exchange prices. You will send your stock parts and I modify them for you (3-6 week turn around time usually, call for estimate or special circumstances). If you are in a hurry, you can pay a refundable core charge and I will send you my in stock items (if available). You will have 2 weeks to send your stock items back. They can not be damaged or salvage swing arms/wheels as I will not sell those to other customers. I just need a good set of used warrior swing arms, brake brackets, etc. Once I receive your stock exchange items, I will go over them to inspect for damage, previous repairs, etc. In all my years of doing this I think there has only been 2 swing arms that I would not exchange, but the customer in both instances told me they were from salvage yards so we worked it out with no issues.


this will be on top of the normal exchange price, and will be refunded as mentioned above. Call if you do not understand or have questions.

*swing arms $250
*brake brackets $150
*wheels- 3 spoke core fee $300, 5 spoke core fee $450

Again this fee will be refunded once you have satisfied the above rules.


Bearing installation, removal, etc will be on a case by case basis. A lot of times I can reuse your stock swing arm bearings, but not always. On wheels there are so many factors as all of our bikes are getting old so I will remove them and give you a call about what we need to do, but I will not send something I do not feel is safe. You are free to just have your wheel widened and deal with the bearings install on your own if you are comfortable with this type of work.

I tried to put as much information as possible to make the easy for everyone, but a call is the best way to get an exact price, timeline, ask questions, etc.


Examples Of My Work and Custom Fabication.

Thanks to all of my customers and the members of rswarrior.com for their continued support and allowing me to share pictures of their Custom Warriors.